Sony Alpha A900 Digital SLR
  • Sony Alpha A900 Digital SLR


    • 24.6 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor
    • Up to 5 frames per second continuous shooting mode
    • 200-3200 ISO range (100-6400 expanded range)
    • Shoots RAW files in 12- or 14-bit color
    • 3" LCD display

    Weight: 2lbs

    Notes: This rental is for the camera body only. A lens or CF memory card is not included and can ONLY be used with 32gb CF cards or lower. A manual is not included. Also, we will make every attempt to have a fully charged battery for you, but we can't guarantee it 100%. If you ABSOLUTELY need a fully charged camera body, please request it via order notes.

    Rental Package Includes: Body cap, strap, battery, and charger.

    Sony's Alpha DSLR-A900 camera, their first "full frame" model, has alerted the industry and consumers in the DSLR world that they're in the digital SLR camera business for the long haul.

    The DSLR-A900 starts with a 24 x 35.9mm size CMOS sensor developed especially for this camera that boasts a class-leading 24.6MP. The Alpha is designed for professional use:  all operations are weather-sealed, its high-performance shutter's tested to 100,000 cycles, and its viewfinder is as good as they come. 

    Beyond physical elements, the DSLR-A900's got plenty of brains. To speed up throughput for pro sports and action use, Sony's employed dual "Bionz" image processors. Its two analog-to-digital engines swallow large chunks of information, shoving up to ~5 frames per second into a fast memory card -- quite bold capacity considering those big RAW files.

    With its image quality, handling ease, robust construction, and brilliant viewfinder, the DSLR-A900 is a serious tool for professionals and advanced enthusiasts. The benefits of 'full frame' are plentiful; better dynamic range, more natural skin rendition, a cushy viewing experience and superior capacity to blur backgrounds. Its in-camera image stabilization is simply icing on one sweet full-frame cake.

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